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I started Reader Roundtable because I love to read and talk about books.


When I finish a good book I can never wait to talk about it.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find someone who has read the same book. I found that every time I finished a book I spent hours trying to tell my husband or friends enough about the book’s content for us to be able to discuss it.  I also realized that I wanted more than just an internal debate after reading a good book, so I joined 2 different book clubs.  When we managed to coordinate everyone’s schedules and pick a meeting time, most of the people who showed up hadn’t had a chance to finish the book yet.  While I love spending time drinking wine or coffee and hanging out with my friends, it didn’t satiate my need for a friendly debate about the content of the books I was reading.  My online book sites did not provide a forum for discussion and most posts were along the lines of how quick a read the book was or how much the reviewer enjoyed it, and they were still not quite what I was looking for.  I also wanted to talk about articles that I read online and not just books, and I couldn’t find anywhere centralized to do that other than to fill my Facebook newsfeed.


So I decided to create Reader Roundtable, an online bookclub where people can meet up with others who have read the same book or article to discuss the content.


When you log on it will ask you to choose a name.  You are welcome to use your real name, but I recommend using a handle, or pretend name.  The reason is that I want everyone to feel comfortable talking about what they really think without worrying about being accountable to your boss or friends for your opinions. That being said, no personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated and anyone using any language or imagery which I deem to be inappropriate will be immediately removed from the website at my discretion.


In addition to running this site, I am raising two preschoolers and a husband, and I blog about creative ways to teach the kiddies on www.pedigreedhousewife.blogspot.com. I have been writing YA sci fi books for fun since long before it was en vogue and I have just decided to put one out there this summer, so cross your fingers for me. That’s enough blabbing about me – let’s chat about those books!


I hope that you all enjoy Reader Roundtable!


If you have any comments or suggestions to make the website better, please let me know.


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